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Passionate professionals

creating digital products and experiences people love.



Transforms and empowers small and medium-sized businesses by unlocking new growth possibilities with bold and creative initiatives.


Build meaningful long-term partnerships and deliver solutions for challenges the small and medium-sized businesses face.

Who we are


We're true to ourselves and honest with our clients. We say what we'll do, and we do what we say.


Instead of betting everything on a big launch, we deliver value to our clients faster and with fewer headaches.


We put people first every time – in our business and our work. Creating tactile and genuine human experiences is what drives us.


We're able to quickly adapt to new circumstances as they arise. We’re always looking for new ways to make a difference.


Meet our team leads who are passionate and willing to help you explore, build, or grow your business.

Girts | Founder & CEO

Passionate about branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship, a problem-solver and tech enthusiast who helps and inspires like-minded entrepreneurs to transform, surpass industry standards and achieve their goals.

Adela | creative project manager

A talented creative professional. Excels at crafting cohesive designs that capture the essence of a brand and effectively communicate its value. Known for her attention to detail and beautiful aesthetic.

Edgars | Lead Designer

A professional graphic designer with a passion for creating visually stunning designs that leave a lasting impression. He has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every project is polished and professional.

Why you'll love us

Strategic thinking and tactical execution
Strategic thinking is a process of looking at the big picture and seeing how it fits into everything else. Tactical execution then comes in to make sure those goals are met, on time & within budget!

Multi-disciplinary team and skill set
You'll have access to bright minds from all corners of the web. Your VOTTA team is custom-picked to suit your challenges and needs.

Long-term view of partnerships
We love seeing our clients grow. Getting to know your brand inside and out is crucial to growth-making initiatives to outperform in the modern world - it's why we favor long-term partnerships.

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