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Digital Marketing Agency

Explore. Build. Grow.

We craft tailor-made solutions that help you explore, build, and grow your business.

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Digital Design

Design is a collaborative and creative field that involves making strategic decisions to create meaningful digital experiences. At our company, we understand the importance of design and strive to master the art of crafting impactful digital experiences.

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy involves a series of activities and outputs that are developed and implemented by a cross-functional team using an Agile framework. It involves creating a cohesive plan for improving the client experience through digital means.


We specialize in helping brands share their stories with the world through targeted and effective use of the right tools for the specific audience. Even the best digital platform won't be successful without compelling content, and that's where we come in. Let us help your brand reach as many people as possible with its unique story.


We don't just create websites, we build lasting connections through tailored digital experiences that put the audience first. As a marketing agency, we focus on creating engaging experiences and driving marketing goals through every website we build. Your website should be your top sales representative, and we can help make it the best it can be.


Flexible three-stage framework

We have a flexible approach to our Explore-Build-Grow framework, tailoring the emphasis of each stage according to your needs.


We explore and understand the context so decisions can be made from a place of evidence rather than assumption.

This phase may include:
Research / Strategy / Technical audit / Prototyping


We bring together the right specialists at the right moments to suit your project's unique challenges, needs, and budget.

This phase may include:
Designs / Content / Ads / Web Development / Hosting & Infrastructure


Our deeply integrated teams will work closely together to ensure your digital assets continue to evolve and deliver a return on your investment.

This phase may include:
Optimization / Continuous improvement / Website upgrades

How votta works

We look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional agency relationship, becoming a trustworthy partner to the people and companies we work with.

Ways to get things done together

Project type

Project-based partnership

We offer project-based partnerships to help clients achieve specific marketing goals. Our team is responsible for delivering agreed upon work within a specified timeframe and budget, while also incorporating client input and feedback. This type of partnership is often used for one-time projects or specific aspects of a larger marketing campaign.


Long-term partnership

As an extension of your team, we offer design and marketing services that are grounded in research and customer insights. We are self-sufficient and will take care of all necessary updates to help your business reach its goals.


Subscription model

Our subscription model allows your brand to purchase a block of hours that can be used for various design and digital needs that require ongoing attention. The block of hours can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and can be scaled up or down as needed. This flexible approach allows you to have a design and digital team at your disposal and pay on a month-to-month basis, ensuring that you get value where and when you need it.

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